A great new singer!

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A great new singer!


Ironically, I started this blog partially to talk about some of the cool people I am photographing, right at the time that I stopped photographing much of anything!

That changed last Wednesday when I heard and photographed a great new talent. A friend of mine is a booking agent, and he emailed me and suggested that I go to see a new, young Scottish singer playing her first show in North America. Here name is Imelda May. Looked her up on the web and found that she is somewhat of a sensation in the UK, so I called my friend and set up a quick photo shoot. Arrived at the club just as she started her sound check, and was completely blown away! Here was a woman from another continent, completely capturing the vibe of American roots music, backed by a great band of likeminded guys!


After sound check, I took her outside and photographed her for  about 10 minutes, and then had a nice conversation with her. Seemed that she had flown in from Londan the day before, checked into her hotel, and immediately went to check out two shrines of Chicago music history- The Chess Records Studio and Buddy Guy’s club Legends (although she didn’t go up to Buddy and have a conversation- she thought he looked preoccupied).

Her set that night was a perfect mix of originals and covers (Howlin’ Wolf and the Beatles) with remarkable stage presence. Someone to watch for in the future (she is coming back to the states in November)

Imelda May_098