Nice guys don’t finish last!!

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Nice guys don’t finish last!!


This week I spent a few days on the road with Creed, and it brought back to me the idea that sometimes rock stars can be nice guys!! What a concept!!!

I remember a night sometime in the early eighties when both sides of that statement came together. One of my favorite venues in Chicago is the Park West Theater. I had gone there to see Adrian Belew, a great guitarist. After shooting some photos, I walked back to the lobby and had a short conversation with Bob, the guy at the door, and an old friend. He told me that the club had just received a call from the road manager for Men At Work, who had played the night before. Riding high on their ONE hit, they called the club and asked for a private section to be roped off for them and a security guard and waitress to be assigned to them. When they arrived, they made a big deal about their entourage, even though no one in the club had any idea who they were, they were fairly obnoxious throughout the evening, acting like the rock stars they thought they were. Shortly after they were seated, Bob asked me to watch the door for a few moments, while he went to the facilities. Right after he left, a taxi pulled up in front of the club, and out of the back door stepped a man who many people think is the greatest rock and roll singer on the planet. BY HIMSELF. Robert Plant walked into the club and saw me at the door. He gave me a puzzled look and I explained the situation. He asked me if it would be OK if he went in and sat at the bar and watched the end of the show. I said- Of course- go right in.

When Bob returned, he alerted the Park West crew, who when the show ended, invited Robert to spend a few hours drinking at the bar with them, totally ignoring the big rock stars in their private section.

Where are they now???