Washburn Guitars

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Washburn Guitars


I photographed many times for Washburn Guitars.

The first ad is a photo of Buzz Feiten, a legendary guitar player who had invented a new tuning system for guitars. This was taken in the middle of one of Washburn’s factories. It was very difficult to control the light with somany lights on, but it worked!

The guitar ad was shot backstage at the Metro Center in Rockford, Illinois. I had to have Dimebag’s face reflected in the silver pick guard. The only way to do this was to build a white wall between the camera and the guitar with a hole in the middle for the camera. Then Dimebag had to kneel on the ground in front of the wall and move his head from side to side with my direction until he was positioned in the pickguard. Now he would have just been added later in Photoshop!