Paul Natkin

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Chicago, IL 60618
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Contained within are examples of my favorite work from the last 40 years (my online portfolio, so to speak).

To license images for editorial use, please go to Wire Image.

To purchase art prints in signed and numbered editions of 50, please go to Morrison Hotel Gallery.

To read my ongoing thoughts on photography in the music business, please go to my blog.

To see my father’s work, the inspiration for my career, please go to Robert Natkin.

My video projects are posted here on my site for your viewing convenience!

For my stories about street violence in Chicago, please go here.

For an exploration of the lives of Chicago Blues artists and the behind the scenes people that keep this vital art form alive in the 21st Century, please go here.

For an exploration of farmers and chefs, who keep the good food movement alive in the Midwest, please go here.