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The Boss


One of the more interesting moments on the 1989 Rolling Stones tour happened backstage at one of the Los Angeles shows. Everyone knew that tons of celebrities were going to be there. During the four days of shows, everyone from Jack Nicholson to Phil Spector were seen wandering around backstage (Jack asked me if he could follow me around all night so that he could get his picture taken with everyone- of course I said NO PROBLEM!!) I found myself one night playing pool. Keith was my partner and we were playing against David Bowie and Eric Clapton- what was I doing there???? Took plenty of pictures in between, though. One of the nights I took a picture that included Mick with Michael Douglas, Meryl Streep and Barbra Streisand and several other people. Quite a group! On the third night, my friend Shelly Lazar came up to me and said “So…do you want to meet him tonight?” I looked over and standing about 10 feet away from me talking to Mick was Bruce Springsteen. Shelly knew my story- I had photographed Bruce maybe 30 times up to that point, but really didn’t have any reason to meet him. Whenever Marilyn Laverty, his publicist was in town with him she would always ask me if I wanted to go back after the show and say hi. My response was always- “what am I going to say to him? Great show? Of course it was a great show- he is Bruce Springsteen!!” Although he is one of my favorite performers and subjects, I really had no reason to shake his hand. I figured that one day we would meet outside of his area, and could have a normal conversation. So I walked over and took some pictures of Mick with Bruce and his wife Patty.

As they walked away, Shelly called after him and introduced us. He thanked me for taking good pictures of him (Shelly made him aware that I took the photo of him that was on the cover of Newsweek four years earlier) and he walked away. After the show, someone threw the Stones a big bash at Morton’s in LA and we were all driven to the party. After standing in the buffet line listening to Lisa Marie Presley complaining about the long line right behind me (I let her get ahead of me) I walked over to a corner table to sit with two of the tour publicists. While we were eating, I saw their eyes get real big, as a familiar voice over my shoulder said “Hey, can we sit with you guys?” and Bruce and Patty sat down to eat dinner with us. The ensuing half hour conversation consisted of Bruce asking us what the Stones were like, as if he was a little kid! That is the way to meet one of your idols. As we got back in the van to go back to the hotel, all three of us commented that we were so tired that we weren’t even going to go to the party- luckily, we dragged ourselves there!!